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Welcome to the Dominion Community Guest Home Limited

Dominion Community Guest Home is a Residential Care Facility (RCF) licensed under the Nova Scotia Department of Health & Wellness providing those who need housing and continuing care. When home care is not appropriate and nursing care is not required, we can provide people with personal care, supervision and accommodation.

Dominion Community Guest Home and its staff are committed to excellence in healthcare, comfort, caring, supervision and service.

The values of Dominion Community Guest Home are marked by a hospitality that creates a home away from home, professional integrity, service beyond the call of duty, and devotion to duty.

The distinguishing demarcation of Dominion Community Guest Home is:

  • the belief that each resident is a unique person in his/her own right,
  • worthy of respect and courtesy, and
  • is the primary purpose for the existence of the Home.

79 Commercial Street,
Dominion, Nova Scotia
B1G 1B3 Canada

Contact Us
Tel: 902-842-9084
Fax: 902-842-1310
Email: info@dcgh.ca

All material © Copyright 2012 - Dominion Community Guest Home Ltd.
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